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Identity Manager


The University, through the IT and Information Resources Service, offers the entire university community the Identity Management application as well as the unique Validation Service.

The Identity Manager allows us:
- Life Cycle Management: it allows to define the life cycle that will have a user account in all the repositories of the University (Intranet, Moodle, E-Mail, etc ...). It is the person in charge of generating the ups and downs, losses and modifications.
- Management of user credentials: allows to change and synchronize the access key of all the central digital services of the University.
- Audit and reports: it allows to have an audit of all the changes produced as well as the generation of reports.
The unique Validation Service allows us:
- Validation in all University applications at a single web entry point.
- Application of security policies when accessing the applications.
- Auditing and reporting: allows you to have a history of user access to different applications.

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