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Proxy Antivirus


The Rovira i Virgili University makes available to its university community the service of Proxy Antivirus Web, which contributes an improvement of the speed of Internet access from any computer connected to the University Network, with features of Virus filtering, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spyware.

The Proxy-Cache service of the University will be Defined at all times by the conditions established in these regulations. The use of the service implies the knowledge and acceptance implicitly and unconditionally of each and every one of these conditions.

The Rovira i Virgili University will be able to To introduce such modifications as it deems appropriate in the rendering of this service, including cancellation, without the user being able to claim any responsibility for the damages caused by them. In any case, the modifications will be communicated before their application through channels that ensure the maximum diffusion between the users of the service (usually by electronic mail).


The main features of the University's Proxy-Cache Service are:

- Proxy-Cache Web is from within the network of the URV.
- Improving the speed of access in the Internet navigation.
- Cache of all the web pages, except the internal ones of the University.
- AntiVirus, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spyware features.
- In the secure protocol cache (https).


The Rovira i Virgili University, as an institution providing this service, The person responsible for supervising the compliance of its use regulations by all users, Of the power to sanction its non-compliance.

The Rovira i Virgili University will not do so. Responsible in any case of the use that the user may make of this service, although this could contravene the current legislation, or be contrary to good faith or good customs, or apologize for actions inc Or socially reprehensible.

In addition, the Rovira i Virgili University will be Exonerated from any liability arising from acts of intromission or fraudulent modification of information by the user or third parties, As well as any actions that violate the privacy and secrecy of communications.

In all cases, the Rovira i Virgili University reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate against any person or entity which, by its action or omission, prejudices its interests or its image.


Following are the configuration guides for the most used web browsers.
By default, browsers are configured with the proxy autodetection option. Therefore, you do not need to configure your browser. These guidelines are for verification.

- Microsoft Internet Explorer
- Mozilla FireFox
- Google Chrome